Cyntoia's Story: Film Analysis

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In Cyntoia’s Story: 16 yr old killer, the narrator is anonymous because the documentary follows a chronological order from the court case to prison. The documentary did not have a closing statement because the film is narrated by first-person. In the end of the documentary, William Bernet talks about his opinion of how it’s not fair to release Cyntoia from prison. In addition, Cyntoia learns a morality at the end of the film she said “As a young girl, I never knew the depth and strength of the power, and also, of my ability to utilize it to gain success in whatever I pursue in life”. In response she said that she had struggled with abandonment and trust issues and as well as my attitude towards relationship with men.

The hook in the documentary was about the authentic interview of Cyntoia’s story, but the real issue was about prostitution, murder, crime and family problems. This incident happened at August, 6, 2004 at Johnny Allen’s house. Cyntoia is a prostitute who sleeps with people to make money. Cyntoia
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For example, when Ellenette Brown, the adoptive mother was crying and expressing her feelings about Cyntoia. Daniel Birman captured a close-up shot of her face, so that the audience would understand how to react to this situation. During the climax, of the film Daniel Birman captured some interesting shots of the trials and interviews that were conducted with Cyntoia. For example, on August 21, 2006 Cyntoia’s criminal trial was back in action, and Rich Mcghee and Wendy Tucker her defense attorneys were fighting for her justice and to release her from jail. Unfortunately, the judge had told her that she’s guilty for first degree murder, penalty order and aggravated robbery. This was her punishment for shooting Johnny Allen. In the end of the film, Cyntoia is placed to another prison called Tennessee Prison for Women in

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