Cyp 3.1 Explain The Importance Of Inclusion

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Respect, which includes listening to people accepting that people communicate in different ways and valuing that they communicate in different ways. This allows the child plenty of time to respond to the actions/tasks, even if it takes them longer than others to do this. Self-determination, this gives the children an opportunity to make their own choices in their learning. Children with special educational needs should be given this option like any other typical child as they should be treated equally. All children should have access to a huge range of activities, that with guidance, it will help them to gain life and work skills that will contribute to their own independence. Encouraging the children to create their own aims in life, this…show more content…
Gaining more self-determination will help the child play a major part in their learning and this should be heavily support, also helping the child to build relationships with other adults. Inclusion, this is accomplished through children taking part in a different variety of activities in social and sports within the community. Encouraging the children to become part of the community. Participation is a key factor of inclusion, children learning a different number of activities with a different variety of people, i.e. other children, teachers, an employee or trainee, this is encouraged within the idea of inclusion. Every learner should be given the opportunity to participate to the economy of the country and by them learning all the time is a way of helping them to achieve this. Children helping to plan their own work will help them to make plans for their own future. Fostering-relationships, many parents feel that education have not supported this fully with children that have special educational needs. Encouraging children to form social relationships is a vital part of the child’s happiness, well-being and prospects. By supporting and encouraging children with SEN to improve their social relationships will help them to adapt to the outside world, later on in
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