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This is important to ensure that a child is being supported to meet their set targets and they reach their full potential. Also any strengths or weaknesses can be identified during this process. A support plan is usually completed with a child as this helps to identify their needs, the plan can then be tailored specifically for them and adapted if necessary, this is then reviewed at intervals to monitor the progress made. We currently have a placement plan at our home that we use with the young mothers. This helps to identify their support needs and what areas they feel they may need extra support with. This is a live document and information can be added at any time if any new areas of support arise. 6. 4.1 Explain the importance of early…show more content…
A family nurse will usually be involved with the mother during pregnancy until the child is two years old. The family nurse’s role is to give guidance and parenting advice as well as ensuring the baby is in the best care and achieving their milestones. 4.2 Explain the particular significance of early identification of speech, language and communication delays and disorders. Identifying early that a child has a delay in speech, language and communication is very important, as a child will struggle to communicate effectively if support is not put in place immediately to encourage the child in these areas. This could then lead to issues relating to their behaviour due to frustration and poor social skills. A child may also struggle to understand basic information and their learning at school could be affected resulting in poor academic attainment. A child could also become withdrawn or depressed due to not being able to explain their feelings or emotions positively, which could have an effect on other areas of their development. If a child is not encouraged to chew their food or talk then there is the possibility of certain muscles in their mouth failing to develop
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