Cyp 3.3 Assignment 1

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The main differences between communicating with adults, children or young people is by using language what they can understand or what is age appropriate. Don’t use language unless you know that the body you are speaking to fully understands what you are saying.
With children or young people you will have to communicate to them on a level that they understand. Listening to a child when they are communicating back to you. By listening this will make a child feel valued and heard. Repeat points back to them to show them that you have understood what they have said to you. Also by making everyone feel at ease and comfortable within their surroundings can help the communication process.

Communicating with adults again should also be done in a manner that the people who are involved knows what the other one is saying to them. Don’t use over complicated language, which could put a strain on communication. Let them have a voice and don’t interrupt them when they are speaking because this could break down communication. Looking at them when they are
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In life not everyone communicates in the same way and we may have to adapt our communication skills to meet the needs of others. By making someone feel at ease and comfortable within their surroundings can help bring down barriers so then communication can begin, just by giving someone time and you yourself being patient.
There are lots of different languages throughout the world and even though a lot of people speak English for some adults another language could be their first language not English. Keeping communication simple so that everyone understands what is being said can help people to communicate with one another. Not over complicating things and making it difficult for people to understand. Listening to what someone else as to say and then responding if
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