Cyp 3.3 Health And Social Care Study

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EVERY CHILD MATTERS, 2003 It deal with well-being of children and young people from birth to 19. Children welfare is paramount. Every child matters legislation apply to every child, whatever their background or circumstances, children should healthy, stay safe from harm or abuse, enjoy and achieve their goals in life. Make positive and healthy contribution and experience economic well-being. Any organisation working with children and young adult must work together to safeguard children in all ways. (EveryChildMatters, 2005.) Users of health and social care should be given best qualities of care by implementing policies, legislations, and regulations which are related to the services. In my workplace, employees must follow the Data Protection act 1998, which says no employees should reveal important information of any service users only to those who should know or have the right to have the information. For health and safety at work must be observed by storing away all harmful chemicals and substances are properly stored away in a cupboard with a lock that can only be accessed by the designated employee. Medications are kept are also kept and only by the line manager on duty for…show more content…
They are good because they contribute to essential needs of the organisation. All organisation must always refer to laws and legislation before any policies are made to benefit the organisation. There should be no violations of any individual rights. There should be an ethical working condition between service users and professionals to be included in the policies. Any employee who does not work within the law, will lose their job, legislations, regulations and policies are in the organisation to hinder to. Employees should be able to ask questions when there is any confusion about any laws in the organisations because any mistake can affect the all organisation resulting to fining or closing it
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