Cyrano De Bergerac Characteristics

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World Literary Paper In Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Cyrano’s character reveals anti-hero traits. Edmond gives Cyrano the ability to have a skillful use of language, which he uses against his enemies and towards his love (Roxane). He also has outstanding sword fighting skills, similar to most seventeenth century heroes. With these hero-like qualities Cyrano also displays characteristics dissimilar to most. Cyrano is an unattractive man, with and extraordinarily long nose. The audience also discovers Cyrano’s self-confidence issue in his physical appearance. Unlike most heroes, Cyrano also has a rude first impression on other characters in the play. In Edmond Rostand’s play, Cyrano de Bergerac is an ugly, rude and unconfident man, but is also known as honorable due to his noble actions towards others. In Act one Scene three the setting takes place at a local theatre in Paris, France. Cyrano…show more content…
In Act one Scene three, Cyrano rudely interrupts a local play to banish one of the actors. He does this because the actor shows disrespect for women, which Cyrano will not tolerate. Cyrano repays the theatre with his year’s savings, depriving him of wealth but pleasing the audience. When Ligniere approaches Cyrano for help during Act one Scene seven, Cyrano offers more than shelter by escorting home and fighting off one hundred men. Another instance in which Cyrano reveals his heroic character is when he assists Christian in winning Roxane’s love. Cyrano continue his actions on the battlefield by risking his life to deliver letters to Roxane. After Christian’s death Cyrano upholds the lie of their relationship to protect Roxane and respect Christian’s death. These actions came with great sacrifice from Cyrano’s character. His suffering and hardship was endured for happiness of others, which makes him both honorable and
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