Cyrano De Bergerac Romantic Hero

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Various characteristics of civil rights movements during contemporary times can be correlated with a romantic hero. Similar to a romantic hero, a civil rights movement; such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and present day feminism, also reject society’s conventions and step outside societal boundaries. They may not follow current law, but they fight for the law, in which they believe in. In Rostand’s writing of Cyrano de Bergerac, one can see that the man character, Cyrano, possessed traits of a romantic hero because he was moody and arrogant, lonely and self-governed, and has a willingness to sacrifice himself. In Cyrano de Bergerac, the intellectual, Cyrano, exhibited extremely haughty and temperamental actions, similar to civil rights activists who wanted their voices to impact society. For instance, Cyrano even used his flaws to flaunt his superiority over others. Showing the first signs of Cyrano’s egotistical thoughts, he demonstrated that having a large nose is not such a grotesque characteristic: “I carry it with pride, because a big nose is a sign of affability, kindness, courtesy, wit, generosity, and courage” (Rostand 37). Complacently and smugly, Cyrano believed that his preeminence and wittiness made him superior to his peers. As an example, Cyrano seemed irritated when others did not do as he told them, and used his intellect for…show more content…
Cyrano took his pride seriously, and if anyone tried to tarnish his smugness he would quickly lash back at them. With loneliness comes low self-esteem, and with self-determination comes freedom and independence. Numerous civil rights activists, as well as Cyrano, would sacrifice all that he had for the good of others. With all of this in mind, a romantic hero has similar fragments to current civil rights
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