Cyrano's Character In 'The Three Musketeers'

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Some people find it hard to express their feelings. For me, it’s normally when I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or offend them when we’re talking about a certain subject or were in a certain situation. In Cyrano’s case, he didn’t express his feelings of love to Roxane. He felt he couldn’t have her because of his appearance.“No! I love Cleopatra - do I look like a Caesar? I adore Bernice - do I have the appearance of Titus?”(Rostand 51)
2. I’ve always been a confident person but I’ve had my moments where I am concerned about my appearance in one way or another. At one point I thought my skin was too pale but after I thought about how I would look with tan skin I decided I loved mine. Encouraging comments that I have skin like porcelain
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All for one and one for all! When I see or hear this phrase I automatically think of The Three Musketeers. The Musketeers were there for one another in every circumstance and if one was in trouble then the whole group was for that one musketeer. De Guiche was the head of his regiment and put them on the front lines so they would quickly die to get revenge. De Guiche was worried about his life so he stayed out of the fight while his men fought for their lives. He said to Carbon who asked how they should gain time in the fight, “You will all be so kind as to fight till the last of you is killed.”(Rostand 164)
7. The best laid plans of mice and men oft grow weary. In other words, no matter how carefully something is planned something could go wrong. In Cyrano De Bergerac, Cyrano and Christian planned to have Christian sweep Roxane off her feet with Cyrano’s words. Their plan worked but they had trouble on the balcony when Christian thought he could win her himself without Cyrano’s help. It went wrong when Christian found out that Cyrano loved Roxane as well. He knew that Roxane should love Cyrano so in a way he gave up and died in
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Cyrano’s life without such a profound nose might have gone the way he wanted it too. He would have been a perfect fellow with witts and good looks. He would have had the confidence to tell Roxane that he loved her and Roxane might love him back because in the beginning all she cared about were looks.
14. My favorite passage is in Act One Scene IV. Cyrano De Bergerac challenged Valvert to duel because Valvert insulted Cyrano’s nose by saying, “Your nose big.” Cyrano then laughs and gives him other clever insults he could have used compared to his own. The crown laughs at Cyrano’s witts and enjoys the the fencing. While fencing Valvert listened to Cyrano’s, “When I end the refrain, I draw blood!” ballade.
15. Should teens be allowed to get plastic surgery without parental consent? This is a tough question. On one hand, the surgery might be pointless and in spur of the moment because the teen wants to look “perfect”. Some parents really do want the best for their kids and they know whether a certain surgery is necessary or not. On the other hand, there may be an instance where a teen is extremely insecure about their appearance and they’ve been bullied about it. The parents love their child and don’t see anything wrong. They might not even know about the bullying or even if their kid was insecure at
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