Cyrano's Influence

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Savien Cyrano de Bergerac: Savien Cyrano de Bergerac lived from March 6, 1619 to July 28, 1655. He was a French novelist and wrote many plays and novels as his living. The most significant aspect of Cyrano in the world today is Cyrano’s influence is one of the most famous works, Cyrano de Bergerac written by Edmond Rostand with an inpiration from Cyrano himself. Additionally, Cyrano is very well-known for his many plays like The Pendant Imitated.
Henry Le Bret: Henry Le Bret lived from 1618 to 1710. At first, Henry and Cyrano joined the military together. However, Henry soon quit to proceed in a legal career, becoming a lawyer and a priest of a cathedral chapel. Today, Henry’s life is most known for his character in Cyrano and his writtings like History of Montauban.
M. de Carbon de Castel-Jaloux: M. de Carbon de Castel-Jaloux is from France. He lived his life as a captain of an army.
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She is a pretty and wise heiress. Robineau is noted for her influence to the book Cyrano. In the book, Madeleine Robineau is who Cyrano falls in love with.
Hotel de Bourgogne: Hotel de Bourgogne is a theatre built in 1548 and was used until 1783. This building was made in Paris, France. Hotel de Bourgogne is important in history because it is known as the first authorized theatre in Paris, France. This is where many entertainments were performed. Cyrano de Bergerac was also played here.
The Siege of Arras: The Seige of Arras was a battle fought between the French and Spanish on August 25, 1654. It took place at Arras, France. This battle is an important event in history because it is where Cyrano fought with the French and the French won.
Gascon Guards: The Gascon Guard was an army commanded by M. de Carbon de Castel-Jaloux. In this army, the guards obeyed the exact orders of their commanders. The Gascon Guards plays a significant role in Cyrano as it influenced the army in the
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