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Cyrus the great: Cyrus II one who ruled Persia was better known as Cyrus the great. He was one of all time greats in history and the empire that he built was possibly the largest this world ever witnessed. Born – Died: Cyrus period of living is from 530BC to 600BC. Cyrus was born around 590BC and died on December 4th 530BC. His fate was on the cards while battling the northeast tribes, not paying attention to his advisor Croesus’s words of returning back. Cyrus the great was no more after that battle. Tomyris, a Massagetae Queen ordered to dip Cyrus head in blood and thereby avenged for her son’s death at Cyrus’s hands earlier. Family, Education, hobbies, personality: a) Cambyses I was the father and Mandane was the mother of Cyrus the great…show more content…
Great Conqueror which can be well known by the vast area he ruled, Admired Liberator one who is committed towards the rights of other religious people, Ideal ruler, Magnanimous in terms of his attitude, unprecedented in terms of tolerance, and so on. Interesting facts: In Sydney (Australia), replica depicting Cyrus the great was erected in 1994. The replica expresses the existence of peace through cohabitation of various people belonging to the multicultural and multi-linguistic background. He was rightly called “King of the four sides of the World” since he conquered almost all parts of the world. The border of his empire in the east is Indus valley, west is Macedonia, southwest Asia, The Caucasus. Cyrus the Great prepared a barrel made of clay and inscribed a declaration in it. This was known as Cyrus Cylinder which describes his mercy, lineage in ruling other cultural people, victories in war. The United Nations published it in 1971 after translating in all UN official language. The Cyrus Cylinder was rightly termed as “First Human Rights Charter” It narrates how Cyrus treated his opponent people (who lost in battle). The greatest example is he allowed around 40,000 Jews to settle in their homeland and ordered to build their temple also. World history depicts “Cyrus the great” as the first person ever to receive the subtitle “the great” following his name since he is truly a greatest personality by all

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