Cyrus The Great Ruler

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Cyrus the Great was the first person that had the idea to take over the world, he took over and ruled a pretty good part of Asia. Debating the topic of whether or not he was a greedy ruler, I believe that he was not. Cyrus was not a greedy ruler, he cared for the people and the land in the empire. When Cyrus entered Babylon he didn’t let the people terrorize the land. He kept the people in mind, which is thoughtful of him, not greedy, he ceased the suffering of the people in Babylon, at the same time, being an exceptional ruler. He could have been greedy and disregarded the land and its people, but he did not. Comparing greedy acts and his acts, it’s obvious that Cyrus was not a greedy leader. In his reign he was wise, Cyrus combined military
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