Cystic Fibrosis: A Literature Review

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Cystic Fibrosis is a common and inherited disorder of the respiratory system. A mutation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator gene causes cystic fibrosis. This gene is located on chromosome seven, and this chromosome manages a chloride channel found in the tissues of the exocrine. If the channel is blocked, then thick secretion will build up in the lungs, and other organs and it will be extremely hard to eliminate. This can lead to severe issues, or even death. This study gathered information about the cystic fibrosis mortality rate from infants and children in Spain. The purpose of this study was to find out how many infants or children had passed away because of cystic fibrosis. This information then assisted in the development…show more content…
It can affect anyone, but mostly children. Children who have cystic fibrosis are at great risk. According to the study, children under age one have the highest mortality rate. It is unknown why, but according to the study it has improved greatly because of new treatments that are being created. This article was informative and it read easily. The language was simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed the background information about cystic fibrosis at the beginning of the article because it informed the reader of what was about to be discussed. Also, I was intrigued by all of the data that was presented in this article, I enjoyed learning about who the disorder had affected. However, the excess data took the focus away from infants and children and spoke about people with the disorder as a whole. It was a little confusing to me because I felt like the results were not that accurate because adults were included in the study. However, there is enough sufficient data to support that children have a higher mortality rate due to cystic fibrosis; it is clearly stated in the results as well as in the data. Further studies can be improved by focusing the study on one specific age group, instead of multiple. The question that remains unanswered in this article is why do children have such a high mortality rate due to cystic fibrosis. Now that I know children have a higher rate, I would like to know why. Overall the article was

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