Czar Nicholas II: The Russian Revolution

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Czar Nicholas II In 1917 the long trial of the Russian Revolution fell upon the citizens and serfs of Russia. The Russian Revolution was influenced by many people, but the country especially suffered from the choices of two men named Czar Nicholas and Vladimir Lenin. Both leaders had a different impact on the country of Russia, but Czar Nicholas’s poor leadership and stubbornness was the main contributor to the start of the Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II came from a long line of Russian rulers, and each of the leaders before him were known for their poor leadership. As suspected, Nicholas II was not the best fit for a king. He was poor commander, and he also caused many unneeded problems for Russia: “The Russian Revolution of 1917…show more content…
He often listened and enforced rules that unqualified personnel such as his wife would offer. He shows these actions when the passage states that, “This might not have been so bad if Nicholas II had been a good leader. However, he most decidedly was not. He often listened to the advice of his German-born wife, Alexandra, whom no one trusted. (Germany was going to be Russia’s enemy in World War I.) His other close advisor was “the Mad Monk,” a man named Rasputin. Rasputin was crazy and gave Nicholas terrible advice, but Nicholas kept listening!” (“Czar”). These immoral decisions lead to many mishaps within his leadership and potentially were the reason that the Russian Revolution started. Although many will argue that Lenin’s good leadership, that led to his exile, was the reason the Russian Revolution started, Nicholas II made so many crucial mistakes that outweigh the decisions of Lenin. Having more of a positive impact, “Lenin began skillfully growing his power within the Bolsheviks. He was so successful in doing this that the government grew afraid of him, and he was exiled two years later” (“The”). The passage shows that Lenin did more good than bad, and on the other hand Nicholas II was never headed in a good
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