Déja Vu Essay

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Context Emile Boirac is a French scientist who started to investigate déjà vu, and in 1876 invented the name to this unusual mental condition. Literally, this French term implies “already seen”. The vision, noise, flavour or aroma can make us believe that we have practised it previously, though we know that we could not have (Obringer, 2006). According to Teale and O'Connor, young people feel familiarity due to déjà vu more often than adults. This can be because youth immediately detect information when their brains begin to tell them that all are more familiar than they should feel (2015). Varieties of perspectives concerning déjà vu are in existence. One of them is parapsychological perspective. Parapsychologists, Ian Stevenson and Anthony Peake have noted that some situations déjá vu can be described through reincarnation. They suppose that this phenomenon occurs because people lives repeats (Searle, 2013). Physics have also explored déjà vu and tried to justify it. Dr Kaku, quantum physics According to multiverse…show more content…
Everyone had their own opinion about why it is happening. Mostly, interviewees associated this mental condition with brain and central nervous system. One expert, psychologist of NIS said that déjà vu occurs because the brain receives the same signal as when people see something familiar. Also, there is a frequent opinion that déjà vu is closely linked to dreams that come true. In addition, one participant interpreted an interesting theory of appearance of déjà vu. The theory is that at a birth of a human, his life is shown to him and the moments that he remembers appear in future life like déjà vu. Only 1 of 9 respondents mentioned parallel universe like a stirrer of déjà vu, so past or previous life was noted by 1 person. Such different answers mean that people have different perspectives and it occurs because this phenomenon does not have a scientifically proven
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