Désirée's Baby Short Story

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Throughout many years, racism has taken place starting as early as the construction of what is now the United States. There have been certain issues such as different colors of skin clashing to even demeaning a different race placing them into a different social class. Certain races, majority not being white, have been forced into slavery without even understanding why this is taking place to them. Races were being split into different groups. The white groups were looked to as superior compared to the black race who were looked to as just property and free labor. Many stories such as “Désirée’s Baby” and “Pudd 'nhead Wilson” have shed light on these issues. In the short story, Désirée’s Baby, the text discusses issues with the construction of social race in the United States as well as sheds light on race and the division of other races. Certain roles have been placed on races other than the white race because of a fear of being less in power or not as equal to the white race. Slavery was a very prominent issue in America because there was not enough people to help build the country. The first resort the United States took was to enslave certain races, mainly people from the African continent. This action made it harder for Africans to be considered people because since they were bought as property. It meant that they were not a citizen and did not deserve the rights given to people. By not allowing a person to have all of the…show more content…
From mentioning slaves being treated from good to bad and being looked down upon for being a different race, this short story has mentioned numerous issues. This book discusses the issues of constructing social race in America and the division of races. Even though the United States has come a long way from slavery and the amount of hatred racism has brought up, there is still some work that needs to be attended
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