D. H. Lawrence's Rocking Horse Winner

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Rocking Horse Winner (An Analysis by D.H. Lawrence) In D.H. Lawrence’s poem “Rocking Horse Winner”, he has three messages that can also convey to everyday life. In the poem “Rocking Horse”, it is all about the mom. She is unhappy due to the fact that she thinks that she married an unlucky man, and does not have the amount of spending money that she thinks that she should. But they are not by any means poor, due to the fact that they have a gardener and butlers. This just leads you to believe that the mom, of all of them, is very selfish and never satisfied with what she is given. In this poem, there is three central messages that are brought about. The first one being the relationship with the mom, luck, and then wealth. In the story “Rocking Horse”, by Lawrence, the first message deals with the relationship that the mother has with her son Paul. The mother is essentially the cause of Paul’s death, due to the fact that money basically killed him, and money is what he was trying to get for his mother’s happiness. The relationship between the mother and the Paul in this story is just one big mess. She isn’t happy because she does not have the amount of money…show more content…
In the story, Paul’s parents are not the definition of wealthy, but they try to be wealthy and live up to higher standards. Money becomes the thing that they value the most in their lives, mostly the mom. Money makes you who you are. The mother even stops loving the children, because what is love without money to her? Nothing. Everything from self-worth to love is measured by money in this family. The resulting emotional effect ends up killing Paul. On page 1255, Paul says to the uncle, “I hate our house for whispering. It’s always short of money.” This is a prime example for how money is surrounding everyone in the house, and how money will be what drives them to their death. Even the house whispers how everyone wants the
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