D Roosevelt's Influence On Social Reform

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Roosevelt invited many social reforms that changed America. From his reforms came changes in Social, Economic, and Foreign Policy. Roosevelt presidency was a turning point in history, he put into effect different acts that protected our food, workers in factories and our economy. His biggest accomplishment though was the invaluable land that he made into national forest for future generations to enjoy and explore. Roosevelt “profoundly changed the course of the century” (Murder at the Fair), he was a president who thought for his country, not for those who helped him win the presidential election. President Roosevelt's social reforms affected how our foods were handled and gave us the ability to Irrigate 20 states in the West. Roosevelt enacted…show more content…
during his time as president. When the Great White Fleet’s world tour started it was to show America’s strength and to promote goodwill (Fraser 612). This lead to more tension from China and eventually there was a massive boycott of U.S. goods in 1905 (Fraser). Then there was the Panama Canal that connected the Pacific to the Atlantic; this gave us an advantage in economic trade and gave our military an easier and faster way to countries that we are at war with. The Panama took 10 years to build and is still one of the biggest american projects with the top engineer being John F. Stevens. There was also the the Roosevelt Corollary that Teddy wanted to add to the Monroe Doctrine that gave the U.S. the right to “...intervene in any nation in the Americas that could not manage its own affairs.” (Fraser 610). This was a warning to all of the countries surrounding the U.S. that we will invade if necessary. The Great White Fleet, the Panama Canal, and the Roosevelt Corollary were all made as a protection for the U.S. just in case someone decided to attack. All of the reforms on the Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies couldn’t have been done by anyone but the charismatic, outgoing, and intelligent Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. He was a great man who was a force of nature in American polotics for about 20
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