The Handmaid's Tale Comparison

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The differences and similarities between Offred and Ofwarren aka Janine two characters featured in Margaret Atwood 's Handmaid 's Tale exhibit the conditions one has to endure in a dystopian society, and the challenges one has to face within the society. Ofwarren and Offred are two characters that have many things in common which consists what they are were currently in their lives of being handmaid 's. However the still do have differences between one another due to what they endured in their past lives prior to when Gilead was in existence. Ofwarren life prior to when Gilead came into existence consisted of her being gang raped at the age of 14. Due to this incident she became pregnant and had an abortion. After the creation of Gilead, Ofwarren…show more content…
Nick and his commander share many differences between one another due to what their status are in the Republic Of Gilead. However the two still have similarities between one another which consists of both of their relationship with Offred and them both committing adultery with Offred in hopes to produce a child for the commander and his wife. The commander has one of the most highest positions in the Republic Of Gilead and is unable to produce a child with his wife Serena Joy due to her being sterile. The commander is then required to commit adultery with there handmaid Offred in hopes to produce a child through her. However Offred had no signs of becoming pregnant through the commander suggesting that the commander was possibly sterile himself the whole time. Nick on the other hand having the lowest position in the Republic of Gilead, him being a chauffeur and of complete low status in the Republic Of Gilead who lives above the garage in the commander 's house. After Offred realized that she was unable to become pregnant through the commander. Serena suggested that there only hope is to use Nick. Nick has intercousre with Offred, and she thinks she is pregnant however the novel ends so its not known whether Offred has had the child

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