D1 Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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There are many Illegal business methods in the United States of America. Illegal methods include, exploitation, slavery, sharecropping, etc. The sad thing is that all of these things still exist here in the USA. The culprit of all of these crimes is a multi-billion dollar industry, college sports. The NCAA should indeed pay their D1 athletes.

Exploitation means treating someone unfairly to make money off of them. The NCAA is a business that gets away with exploiting athletes for billions of dollars. The National College Athletic Association makes money because there is a low supply for college level athletes, yet a great demand to see these athletes perform. So the NCAA, in a way monopolized the scant amount of college level athletes. So if you wanted to see a college athlete perform or buy a jersey of your favorite college football player, you are doing so through the NCAA. Not only did they monopolize the college sport industry, in doing so, they have disallowed pay to all of their athletes. The only reason people go to games or buy merchandise is because of the athletes. "Fifty colleges report annual revenues that exceed $50
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It was a method of agriculture that gave workers a share of a landowner 's land in return for an unfair amount of labor. The workers could never work enough to fully pay for the rent of the land, ending in a non escapable cycle similar to slavery. The NCAA uses a method very similar to sharecropping. They pay for the rent and scholarship for the athletes in return for labor. “There is so much money being made, and the people that create this wealth don’t get to participate and they don’t get to graduate. Thats a big deal”, said basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Some of these athletes spend so much time on their sport that they can’t graduate. This is similar to sharecropping because, in a way the system is set up so some athletes can’t
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