DACA Argumentative Essay

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With every new president comes new appointees and with new appointees comes change. These new changes can radically affect how education will be affected. As of now, many DACA students worry for their future, Betsy DeVos plans to change public education and the future decision on transgender bathroom use can make an impact on education. DACA is a 2-year temporary resident status for immigrants, who as children were brought to the US illegally by their parents. Recently a big question has been brought to attention as to what will happen to students under DACA. During one of Trumps campaigns, he noted to “Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties (Aurcher),” which are DAPA -no longer exist and DACA. With Jeff sessions in office, his views for DACA students have been open to discussion. In the latest occurrences, he promised that they will not be targeted but he can’t promise to protect them, Since, he will enforce the laws as they are…show more content…
During the Obama administration, the Appointee for the department of education did not support for-profit colleges but as for the new appointee she is in favor of it. She believes that nothing is free and does not believe in public education. As for schools k-12, her idea is based on a plan called “tax credit scholarships (Kamenetz).” Under this plan, companies will either balance or cancel out tax responsibility, and will offer scholarships to students so they can attend private schools, but the downside of this plan is that 70% of these scholarships go to religious schools (Kamenetz). DeVos will aim make more of private, virtual, religious, and for-profit schools, and make them beneficial, and will leave it up to the states on how they want to expand. With this intention, to change the way education works, many have developed fears that the states will make unfair calls towards education regarding commons race and
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