The Pros And Cons Of DACA Immigrants

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DACA immigrants have contributed to society by paying taxes which support the American economy. DACA immigrants have work permits that allow them to have a social security number. With this social, they work legally and, like Americans, pay taxes. In reality “1.3 million young undocumented immigrants [...] eligible for DACA contribute an estimated $2 billion a year,” (State & Local Tax Contributions). Contrary to many American beliefs, these undocumented immigrants do not just live in the country; they live in the country and help the economy. As Americans, the thought process to simply assume that all illegal immigrants come into the country and enjoy public services without contributing to society is wrong. Many of these immigrants have come…show more content…
Education is one of the greatest tools for the young mind. Education, especially a college education, can provide a young person with incredible opportunities that can take them far in life. These immigrants feel as Americans and deserve the same education opportunity as any other American. “Undocumented students, they argue, often bring unique viewpoints and backgrounds to campus, excel academically and contribute to the economy after graduating,” (Fattal). These students bring fresh viewpoints into their school environment because of their experiences. As well as many students exceed the exceptions of their schools because they do not want to waste the opportunity that has been given to them. DACA immigrants want to be able to prove themselves as hardworking and what better way them to prove people they can do more. With working hard they show that they want to be treated as an equal. If they are working just as hard as any American why is it so hard to accept them? Why do Americans find it hard to see that they just want the same opportunities? In a survey conducted by the UC San Diego political-science professor Tom Wong for the left-leaning Center for American Progress it showed that “94 percent of respondents currently in school said the program allowed them to pursue ‘educational opportunities that [they]…show more content…
Many teachers like students provide necessary qualities that can easily be lost if DACA where to be dismissed. In Greg Toppos article Dumping DACA Could Cost Schools Valuable Teachers he writes about a teacher Yehimi Adriana Cabron Ivarez who says “about 20,000 DACA-eligible teachers -- many who possess Spanish-language skills that are in high demand -- could be plucked from the classroom if the program is phased out,”. Teachers with certain qualities needed in a school can be lost because of the dismissal of DACA. Is this something the nation can handle? When schools are in demand of teachers with certain skills American should try to save the ones they have. This dismissal of teacher could have an effect on the schools and students. This would result in the school losing resources who have the skills to educate the students. In addition the students would be affected because they would have to go through the process of being introduced to a new set of teachers. As well as miss the bond they previously shared with the former teacher. Like any DREAMer Cambron came into the country at a young age with dreams of succeeding and building a life for herself. Does the country really want to lose the people who can actually benefit them in the future, it would appear

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