DACA Immigrants Contribution To Society

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DACA immigrants have contributed to society by paying taxes which support the American economy. DACA immigrants have work permits that allow them to have a social security number. With this social, they work legally and, like Americans, pay taxes. In reality “1.3 million young undocumented immigrants [...] eligible for DACA contribute an estimated $2 billion a year,” (State & Local Tax Contributions). Contrary to many American beliefs, these undocumented immigrants do not just live in the country; they live in the country and help the economy. As Americans, the thought process to simply assume that all illegal immigrants come into the country and enjoy public services without contributing to society is wrong. Many of these immigrants have come into the country to work hard and make something of themselves. Many of the DACA Immigrants in the local areas tell of their stories about coming into the country looking for the opportunity and make the most of their lives. With DACA their contribution to society doubles and allows them to help benefit the country especially the community where they live in. State taxes show that, “DACA recipients’ state and local tax contributions increase substantially in part because they can legally work and are required to file income taxes using the Social Security number granted by their DACA enrollment,” ( State & Local Tax Contribution). DACA allows these immigrants be an important asset of the country. With the contributions that make they

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