DBQ: Achievements And Contributions Of The Islamic Civilization

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Math,astronomy/maps and architecture probably would not be like this without the Islamic civilization and that is what makes them 3 most important of all the Islamic achievements because they affect us everyday . The Islamic civilization had many amazing and renounding achievements and advancements that influence what the world is like today. They were one of the world 's best Mathematicians, Astrologers and architects, that is what allowed them to make these amazing contribution to the world. And that also makes them one of the most advanced civilization of that time. Mathematics was contributed by Al­Khwarizmi, A muslim mathematician who made rules and had made many discoveries in al­jabr or algebra in english, which he wrote in a textbook…show more content…
This great contribution was possible because of their understanding of mathematics and optics(Doc 5). Also calendar would not have been perfected so our sense of date would not be perfect either. Architecture was also a great achievement and advancement of the Islamic civilization because in (Doc 7) is states that “Muslim architects blended features from various sources” and that is what influenced many amazing buildings created by muslims such as “The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem”. These architectural achievements by the muslim people helped create modern skyscraper and amazing modern building because all architects learned from the design and structure of Islamic architecture. Another way islamic architecture improved the modern calligraphy and styles of today. This is shown in (Doc 6) because design are also parts of architecture that the Muslims improved. In conclusion the islamic achievement and advancement of math,astronomy/maps & architecture are the most important achievements because they affect us everyday from skyscrapers,rockets and even maps all are made by the generous contributions from the

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