DBQ Essay: The Fourth Crusades

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The 4th crusades were a wasteful and destructive event that resulted only in further dividing the Christian World. Constantinople in 1204 was a savagely taken with many lives lost. Crusading lost much of its appeal for most Europeans, Jerusalem remained under Muslims' control. Document 1 states that. The crusades failed in their chief goal : the conquest of the Holy land. They also left a bitter legacy of religious hatred behind them. In the middle east, both Christians and Muslims committed appalling atrocities in the name of religion. This is important because that means that there were negative impact on the crusades. This is important because the results of that are negative, this is because muslims and Christian never agreed on the …show more content…

Their numbers were small, they were very indepented on western Europe for supplies and soldiers. The havoc the zealous crusaders brought on the local populations, especially the Jewish communties, made them hated by all groups throughout the religon. Document 7 states that to make matters worse, the crusading knights often abused and committed atrocities against eastern orthdoxs Christians, Jews and Muslims sin the areas through which they passed. This is important because crusading knights often abused the Easten Orthodox Christains and Jews and Muslims in the oars they passed, which is a negative impact in the crusades Document 6 states that the 4th crusade was a wasteful and destructive even that resulted only in further dividing the Christian world. Pope Innocent 11, the crusade did not attract the support expected.This is important because this is in Constaniople in 1204, the Venetians, who had been hired to transport the crusaders, and the knights agreed to attack the Byzantine capital instead. The city was savagely taken with many lives lost. The Byzantine goverment went into exile in Nicosia and continued to fight the late occupiers until; 1261,when they recaptured tjeir capital.
Were the results of the Crusades more positive or negative? The crusades had a positive and negative impact on the eastern and western worlds that were involved in the conflicts. The Crusades were a bloody war between

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