DBQ Essay: The Great War

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The “Great War” happened in 1914 and lasted until 1918. The war was triggered, because of the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was supposed to receive the throne. Documents 7 and 9 go hand in hand, because it shows the European Alliances. Documents 3,4,5, and 8 show the militarism cause of the war. Lastly, the Documents numbered 1,2, and 6 belong together due to the fact they show the Imperialist Competition. A political cartoon (Doc. 7) Shows the rivalries between the 2 different types of allies. The cartoonist was a German Antiwar advocate Walter Trier. His point of view is neutral, therefore he is able to depict the point of view someone from the neutral nations such as Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Greece, Ottoman Empire, Romania etc. The Triple Entente Alliance was formed by Great Britain, Russia, and France, originally composed this alliance, however Africa joined the alliance after. (Doc.9) The Triple Alliance was Germany, Italy, And Austria-Hungary (Doc. 9) The allies changed as the war went on. An additional document that would help, would be one showing if there was alliances between…show more content…
His point of view was that Great Britain was the best and all the countries envied them. (Doc. 1) August von Fallersleben who wrote the National Anthem for Germany shows how Germany was superior. (Doc. 2) An additional document that would help this would be the point of view from a soldier. A soldier would so we could be able to see what he thinks of the war. The “Great War” was World War 1 it commenced in 1914 and had a duration of 4 years. Franz Ferdinand’s assestination was what caused the war to commence. Documents 7 and 9 show the alliances in Europe: Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. Documents 3,4,5, and 8 had the ability to show the military importance for Europe. Documents numbered 1,2, and 6 show
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