DBQ Essay: The Silk Road

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The silk road was helpful to the people in china, central asia, Africa, and India/all the way to Rome and beyond because of the trade routes the silk road was able to have the right resources to make it successful and helpful to others who trade.

Transition + Your own original Reason, Detail, or Fact
For example, where the trade routes went across most of the whole entire world. For, trading horses, orange seeds, grape seeds, or anything popular or needed during their time made the trade routes easier so they wouldn’t have to travel all the way to go trade and get what they had needed.

One supporting Example or Evidence from text or source document
To explain, in the article “The Silk Road” it says, the silk road has been an important part of success domestication of the camel which was an animal that could carry heavy loads over
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The architecture and engineering was the heavy loads on the camels backs helped so the people who help with camels wouldn’t have to carry the heavy loads of trades across the country or state.

One supporting Example or Evidence from text or source document
Furthermore, in this example as proving my reason “ camels made an importance to help silk roads carry heavy loads to trade is a success because they made different kind of animals (camel) be used as a little mini-van to help them travel with small and heavy loads, it helped a lot though that is why it is such an important success

Explanation of your Supporting Example or Evidence
Reason why, is because it explains why they were a success to the silk road and how grateful it was to have a creature that can both things be helpful and successful. Also, it’s something that should be remembered from this type of history to learn why it was important and helpful
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