DBQ Great Recession

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The Great Recession was a period of general economic decline observed by world markets beginning around the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The recession was a result of a financial crisis in 2007 which effected the years to come . The primary source of this problem was that banks were creating too much money. In addition, banks had doubled the amount of money and debt in the economy. Resulting in a financial crisis as the government and banks had failed to constrain the financial system’s creation of private credit and money. The lack of responsibility in the government and banks led to the downturn in the economy now known as the great recession. (document I) Starting in 2007 there was a noticeable increase in mortgage…show more content…
According to (document d) , mortgages lenders had raised prices on mortgages across America. In result, Americans were are unable to afford the cost of the mortgage and the mortgage lenders cannot get repaid. Therefore the lenders and their consumers were both at fault. The government's response to this situation was to pass the Affordable housing act. This act benefits buyers and lenders because it allows the buyers who are looking for housing even low income families to find housing within their budget. While the lenders get their money without having to inflate prices. Also, financial corruption from banks and wall street had influenced the creation of The Great Recession. There was predatory lending in the mortgage markets and banks had knowingly loaned millions of checks on mortgages . This led to a tremendous Economic crash as stated in (document e ). The government had resolved this issue by banning big banks from gambling with taxpayers money. The government also proceeded protect taxpayers by creating the Consumer Protection Act (document h). This act protects the rights of consumers to avoid…show more content…
Due to the common occurrence of recessions, americans now spend wisely and think about the future for their families (document f) .Unfortunately some baby boomers and caregivers worry about retirement because of the recession's impact on the economy(document e). Banks have now become stable and require a rigorous program on mortgage so they will avoid another downfall. The Great Recession could have been easily been avoided if the government had maintained and organized the economy more efficiently. Such as setting standards for banks and protecting consumers beforehand . If the banks were ordered by the government early on to have rigorous requirements, there would have not been a such immense economic
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