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Hammurabi’s Code of Justice Have you ever heard the expression, treat others how you want to be treated? Well that's what Hammurabi’s code is all about. Babylonia was ruled by king Hammurabi for 42 years in 1754 BCE. In those years Hammurabi made a set of 282 laws called Hammurabi’s code to create justice and the laws were placed on a steele. Hammurabi's code was just because his purpose was to protect the weak, he made laws about property to protect your house and laws to punish people if they injure you. One reason Hammurabi’s code was just is that his purpose was to protect the weak, widows and orphans. He said “I set up these laws, so that the strong might not injure the weak and to protect the widows and orphans” (Doc A). This proves the code was fair because he created these laws to protect people, not hurt them. This also shows that Hammurabi's code was not made in favor of him because he made the code to try and help out people low down on the social structure and not just…show more content…
For example King Hammurabi said “If the robber is not caught, the man who has been robbed shall formally declare whatever he has lost before a god, and the city and the mayor whose territory the robbery has been committed shall replace for him whatever he has lost” (Doc C). This is an example of justice because the mayor of the territory that you live in will replace everything you lost. Also they worked hard for all of their things and stuff could've been more valuable back then because of low supply. Also King Hammurabi said “If a man has opened his trench for irrigation and the waters have flooded his neighbor's fields, the man must restore the crop he has caused to be lost” (Doc C). This is just because farming takes a lot of time and effort and then having all of your hard work ruined is awful. So, you should get them all replaced by the person who has ruined all of your crops for
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