DBQ: The French Revolution

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The French Revolution had began during the 1789. There are many examples that was part of the result during the French revolution. One being was that King Louis the XVI was an abusive ruler and uses his power as an advantage. There were also three estates, they're divided into the clergy, nobles, and the middle class or the peasants. During this time, the political, social and economic conditions in France was corrupted and eventually the third estate rebelled. According to document 2, it states that King Louis XVI raised the third estate or the peasants taxes and total land owned. With this law, the middle class would be unhappy and would be frustrated about his power and how he was controlling them. The first and second estate didn’t…show more content…
The French learned of the Americans Revolution, which made them go to war. Based on document 4, the third estate wanted freedom and justice. Meaning that the working class was not very pleased with the situation that they were put in and they now wanted liberty. also in document 5, it says that “the spark that changed thought into action was supplied be the declaration of American independence.” Which meant that since Americans were fighting for freedom, then the French people could do the same. During this time the middle class ended up rebelling and over throwing King Louis xvi. During the revolution there were a lot philosophers, they also caused the French revolution to break out. Based on document 7, there was three changes that the third estate demanded to make in French government, and it was to have every tax be granted only for a limited time, the king to be fair and the votes should be taken equally. The significance that the people rebelled against the ruler since King Louis XVI rejected all reforms, and eventually putting his head and putting it on a stick. All things considered, the three estates caused the killing of King Louis XVI only because he wasn't being fair. The American Revolution also proved to the French civilians, that a country could be successful without a
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