DBQ: The Green Revolution

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The Green Revolution was the introduction of new crops and new agricultural technologies. It is called a revolution because of the extensive effect it had worldwide. It was caused by the need for improvement of overall living conditions. It brought about both positive and negative changes to society. It brought an increase in food supply, changes in lifestyle, and changes of the treatment of the planet. The Green Revolution was caused by a need for improvement an it had both negative and positive consequences, such as an in food supplies, new lifestyle changes, and treatment of the planet. The green revolution was caused by a need for improvements. Documents 3 and 4 both illustrate that prior to the revolution, there were too many diseases…show more content…
It resulted in a major increase of food supplies. Documents 1and 2 both prove this by directly showing how the food supply has increased. Wheat yields have been steadily increasing in both Mexico and India (doc 1). The United Nations have also concluded that the general food supply and population on the worldly scale has increased and should continue to do so (doc 2). The Green Revolution also brought about many lifestyle changes to occur. Documents 5,6,7, and 9 all illustrate some type of social changes that were caused by the green revolution. This revolution brought about many new technological changes and these changes led to competition between farmers to see who was better (doc 5). Another lifestyle change that was caused by the Green Revolution was an increase in incomes, which had caused further consequences. For example, at one point in history, there was need of cash incomes so that fertilizers and seeds could be payed for. This led to women having to work as agricultural laborers so families were able to reach their income goal. (doc 7). However, the increase of incomes also resulted in people having more money to spend. People were able to buy nicer houses (doc 6) and a have a higher demand for consumer goods and better educational opportunities. This is because people had more money and more aspirations (doc 9.) The negative consequence of the Green Revolution was how it effected the planet. Documents 8 and 10
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