DBQ: The New Deal

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The New Deal

Great Depression was a major American crisis in the 1930’s. As a response to this, the government created the New Deal which effectively solved many of the problems caused by the Great Depression. Although the New Deal was effective, its was also controversial. However, despite this fact, the New Deal was a necessary government response to a major American crisis. The Great Depression was a major American crisis. Document A shows hundreds of people in line for food. The line is so long it even goes off the page. Document B also shows this when it described the bread lines as “a living line of men as long as round the block, and then as long again.” Basically the author is saying that those lines are so long they go around entire blocks and then some. The fact that so many people were unable to provide food for themselves shows the gravity of the
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Many people were against the amount of power it gave to the government. In his speech, the president talks about this saying, “I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis—broad Executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe.” Here the president was asking for executive power to fight the Great Depression. He wanted power to regulate things like prices, and production in factories and farming. Some believed that too much government involvement in the economy was a step towards communism. They didn't want the government to have that much control. Nevertheless, the president made a strong argument. He considered the Great Depression to be as big of a problem as an actual war. He believed he was fighting a war and the enemy was the Great Depression. This was not a bad comparison because just like wars do, the Great Depression left tons of people in absolute poverty, homelessness, and even killed people due to

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