DBQ: The Plague And The Black Death

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Thousands of years ago, a plague invaded the human world. The plague ' 'was know by the Great Pestilence, The Great plague, and the Black death ' '(Intro Doc). The plague attacked and kill around 25% and 45% of the societies it touch and/or encountered.The plague was made of three bacterial strains which created the three plagues called bubonic, pneumonic, and septimic. At this time of desesperation and agony in most homes religion such as Islam and Christianity became the most powerful force in the lives of people. The people of both religions had similar beliefs, but reacted differently.
Christianity was the dominant faith in Europe at the time when the plague arrived. The christiand believed that it was the end of the world and they were …show more content…

Islam was the dominant faith of the middle-eastern societies, the population reacted to the plague by drawing closer to their religion. The muslims believed that the plague was a blessing from god and that they should ' 'accept the divine act ' ' Therefore , ' 'prayer lifting the epidemic is abhorrent ' '(Doc 4). The plague that attacked muslims was more mortal than the European plague. This plague killed people faster. The muslims became more faithful due to the plague as it says in document 9 that ' '...the people fasted for three successive days...assembled in the Great Mosque...and spent the night in prayers...they all went out together ' '.The Middle eastern societies were more calm and more open to praying for their neighbors; there was no segregation. The muslims didn 't rebell and …show more content…

Both the Christians and muslims had similar beliefs. The death rate of both places was very similar the European death rate was from 31-33% , while the Eastern death rate was about 25-33%.Both Europeans and middle-easterns thought that the plague was caused by miasma ,shooting starts and sins like outrageous clothing, alcohol and prostitution.Both religions thought that by building fires and drinking American clay solutions they could prevent the plague. While the both have similar beliefs the two faiths did not act siimilarly. Based on document three the europeans ' 'abamdoned family members ' ' however the muslims became scared when they saw the effects of the plague , but at least they acted with mosre acceptance which drew them closer to their faith. In document four , you can clearly see the difference. While christians saw the plague as ' 'the just reward of our sins ' '. Muslims

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