Spread Of Rome Dbq Essay

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Around the time of three-hundred CE, the amount of power started to decrease for Rome, Italy. Lots of the Roman emperors and people were killed at this dreadful time. But what really caused this sudden downfall? Will we ever really know? I think the three main reasons are: Natural disasters, foreign invasions, and the city’s military problems. One of the biggest reasons to explain this disaster is the never ending natural disasters. In three-hundred-thirty-six CE, the city of Rome was shook by a deadly and devastating Earthquake. (Doc F). The Earthquake shook the Mediterranean sea along with the land, causing an additional flood. This small but true story was taken from The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, written by Edward Gibbon. (Doc F). Another example of some of these horrendous situations was the spreading of diseases and plagues. These illnesses came from Asia and took the lives of the Romans living along the lines of the Mediterranean sea. (Doc F). This is because…show more content…
This affected the country very much because they quickly began to be surrounded by people they didn’t know, and were unsure if they were trusted. This included mostly attackers of immigrants. They affected the downfall by spreading diseases, overpopulation, and attacks on some of the Romans. (Doc D and E). In the year three-hundred-eighty CE, the Ostrogoths, Visigoths, and the Vandals started to invade Rome. (Doc C). The people were often contiguous with deadly diseases. One of the most common were the measles. (Doc F). Some of the “immigrants” could have been spies, or even attackers working for other countries/cities. Other invaders killed the Roman emperors and most likely then fled the country. This was because at the time, Rome was far ahead of the other countries. It owned most of them, and was very powerful. This was bad for the city because new people were hurting the Romans, or even killing
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