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The Spread of Islam Muhammad ibn Abdalah (founder of Islam) was a frequent visitor to a cave nearby Mount Hira. He used his time at this cave to pray, and get away from the scramble for money and wealth he felt was causing his people to lose their way. According to Muhammad’s words in the Qur’an, on one particular visit to the cave, the archangel Gabriel caused words to flow from his mouth. The words concluded with, Allah is the one true God. Two years after receiving Allah’s words, he decided that it was finally time to teach these words to the public. From that point on, Muhammad decided to move 250 miles north. When Muhammad died, his words, and the ones of Allah’s would be written down in the Qur’an. Within 100 years of Muhammad's death, the…show more content…
(Document D) Muhammad’s changing of the ghazu made Arabs reach further out of the Muslim territories into Persia, Byzantium, and beyond. The Arabs were able to defeat the Persians and Byzantines so easily because for decades the two countries had been in series of wars.(Document D) The Arabs continued to maul countries in their path, and because of this, the Ummah (Muslim Community) continued to grow. Mecca (held Arabia’s holiest Pagan shrine) was an important trading center before Muhammad was born. Mecca was the trading center of the Arabian Peninsula because there were land and sea routes connected to it. (Document A) Sea routes allowed easier access from Europe, India, and east Africa. Mecca’s trade routes in general allowed people to interact with each other and travel to economic centers away from home. (Document A) Muslim Merchants during this time more than likely spoke to others of their beliefs and sparked curiosity. It is evident that Islam would have spread with economic trade

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