DBQ: Why Do We Use Documents In A Dbq?

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For anyone who does not know, a DBQ is a document based question. The questions that they can ask on a DBQ can range from the pre-columbian indians to the current day, so you have to be able to decipher documents because there is no way you 're going to remember all that history.Why do we use documents in an essay? Let 's send it to the thought bubble…

(Anything {} should have a picture to identify it)
Documents give a {bigger} grasp of people in the time period. Any form of documents can be used within the {essay}.

Now, when you have a DBQ your documents can come in many shapes and forms. But generally, there are 3 types of documents: images, maps, charts, and articles.

Images are any document that has either a picture and/or political
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Maps are a little harder than images because you need to know what the map is trying to show. Once you figure that out though, putting it in your DBQ should be easy.

Charts are documents with information in an organized and easy to read form. Many charts will give you information that you can put straight into your DBQ, but sometimes the chart will give you seemingly useless information. In those situations you should look at who made the chart and when it was made to see if those could have any influence on the information of the document and connect it to your DBQ.

Finally, articles are any document that are consisted fully of writing. Articles make up the largest part of the DBQ, and unfortunately, the hardest. Documents can often have hard to read language, so do your best! Typically you want to be looking for the author’s point of view when you read articles

Even though each type of article has their own special thing that you 're mainly looking for, there are often many other things that you can use in order to connect the document to your DBQ. To make it simpler an animal lover called it Hippo. Hippo stands for Historical Context, Intended Audience, Point of View, Purpose, and Outside

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