DFCS Reflective Essay

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My biggest expectation going into the internship at DFCS was that I would learn more about the social work/social services field and confirm that social work was truly what I wanted to spend my life doing as a career. I also expected to confirm my thought that DFCS was a place I would enjoy working and could see myself working in the future after graduate school. This internship met my personal expectations, however it happened in a way much differently than I expected. While the internship experience did confirm that I love social work and the social services field, it showed me that DFCS is not the agency that I want to work with as a career. I stand behind DFCS 100%; however, I don’t think I could work with DFCS long term. Just seeing the turnover and how many case managers left during my time at DFCS confirmed that working with the agency is a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining career. It truly takes a special person to work at DFCS. One suggestion I had during my…show more content…
The only way I think my experience could have been improved was if we were able to go out in the field more towards the end of the semester. In the beginning case managers took interns with them in the field quite often, but towards the end they stopped asking us to go. Being a hands-on learner, it is hard for me to learn by just doing the same repetitive stuff in the office so I would have much rather been out in the field more than in the office. I would recommend DFCS as an excellent place to intern. Interns at DFCS gain valuable hands on experience both in the office and the community that translates into a well-rounded learning experience. DFCS interns are also afforded the opportunity to network with DFCS staff and staff at other agencies with which we work closely. My time with DFCS as an intern will always hold a special place in my heart because of all I have learned and gained through this
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