Case Study: DHL Express

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DHL Express Introduction (1) DHL Express is an internationally express mail service. It is one of division of a Germany logistics company Deutsche post DHL which is well known as the largest logistic company around the world. DHL provides mail services via sea and air mail. Deutsche Post has effectively changed DHL into its Express division and expanded their divisions, business units and subsidiaries. They are many divisions such as DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, DHL Supply Chain, and DHL Global Mail. In 2003, all US domestic flights were handled by DHL Airways. It works with six airlines which operating more than 96 aircraft and 21 aircraft on orders. Moreover, DHL is the only company that can deliver to countries including Cuba, The…show more content…
They provide services to those countries that other delivery companies can not deliver to. The Headquarters of DHL is located at Bonn, Germany. However, they operates worldwide and can be found easily in any country. In conclusion, DHL carries their services throughout the globe and I certainly believe that nothing has ever been made this convenient, which makes no other companies come as close as what DHL is able to deliver. -Psychographic(3) DHL takes part in aiding countries affected by disasters. They have their own Disaster Response Team (DRT) which strives as a role model for facing the global climate changes. “Go Green” is focused by DHL in their services to show people that DHL cares about the nature and for people who support these program to preserve nature, they are willing to pay more even though they know that there is another companies whose services are cheaper. And lastly, another corporate responsibility is “GoTeach”. Their aim is to turn create greater future opportunities for the younger…show more content…
They do their work consistently with an excellent operation. By using DHL, customers can get their products into the market faster and more efficiently. As the result, they can be more productive and operate the business more efficiently and effectively. They do not only provide delivery services, but also they provide insurance, packaging, shipment preparation, remote area services and etc...This makes is extremely accessible for their customers as it provides convenience for them. They also try their best to meet the needs and expectations of customers, which in return would allow them to be rewarded back by what they have done for their

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