DLSU Dress Code In School Uniforms

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De La Salle University (DLSU), a private and prestigious university in the Philippines, does not require students of wearing uniforms. Sutton (1975) defined clothing as "a reflection of man 's mores and values, a measure of his inventive and decorative impulse, and an illustration of his culture and of his response to the pressures of his society" (p. vii). It implies that each is granted the natural freedom to express oneself by selecting what to wear. Philippines is a country that "guarantees the freedom of religion and the right to freedom of expression", and, "It is also a State Party to the core human rights treaties that touch on the question of religious practices, including clothing" (Republika Ng Pilipinas, 2013, p. 1). However, there seem to be issues related to the behaviors of students in terms of habitual disregard to minor policies that are still ongoing in DLSU such as dress code violation and disrespectful acts in class. Furthermore, there is another issue concerning what to wear especially for the female students. It is the time to discuss if it is beneficial to modify the DLSU dress code into school uniform policy. How can the school resolve these continuing issues? The question can be answered in three ways as follows: minimizing time to ponder over in outfits, reducing disciplinary problems, and providing a sense of pride for the school. First, enforcing the school uniform policy will help students reduce waste of time in choosing one’s outfits. A total
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