DMACC: Planning Your Success

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Chapter Summary & Reflection Paper- FINAL Social and emotional issues are common ground among all humans, but they are especially relevant in the lives of college students. Chapter seven of the book “DMACC: Planning Your Success” is titled “Social and Emotional Intelligence: Relating to Others and Regulating Emotions”. It discusses how a student can gain the social and emotional skills to better the assessment of their personal health along with their relationships with others. The book provides strategies for the student to enhance their personal lives to in turn improve upon their mental health. At the beginning of the chapter, the book discusses the importance of relationships with others and the effects it has on a personal level. It reminds the reader of tips and tricks to keeping their relationships healthy. Some of these tips include being a good listener, be conscientious of nonverbal messages, and overall be an open person in both conversation and in body language. The book then provides ways to create brand new relationships which is seemingly easy due to the recent growth in popularity of social media. The chapter goes on to explain types of relationship conflict and ways to resolve them. A few of these resolutions it provides are picking the right…show more content…
This chapter fits perfectly with the independence part. Most of the students who read this chapter are moved out of their familiar grounds and are now into a new section of their life. These adjustments are most likely causing stress and anxiety. They are also priding opportunities for the student to create new relationships and are changing the atmosphere of their old relationships. The chapter is included in this course because the strategies it provide are exactly what the student who will read this textbook and take this class
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