DMZ Advantages And Disadvantages

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In computer communications and networks, a DMZ is a small network or computer host that are injected or inserted as a neutral zone between a company’s private network and the outside public network to stop the unauthorized users to getting direct access to the server where company data is stored or available. The term DMZ zone have another meaning, it is a portion of your or anybody network which is although in your or anybody control, is outside heavy security. Once the machine enter the DMZ zone it will never be brought back inside the network again. Assume that it has been fully compromised or negotiated in some way, bring it back in network again is a big security hazard or risk.
The De-militarized zone (DMZ) concept was comes
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The FTP servers are independent we upload files with it from inside LAN so that this is available for outside sites and external user upload the file from outside the DMZ which the internal user pull back it into their machines again using FTP. Normally FTP not request file itself, in fact all the traffic is passed through the DMZ.


There are several ways to design a network with DMZ here we discuss the two most commonly used architectures that is Single Firewall architecture and Dual Firewall architecture. These two architectures are expanded and are used to made complex architectures depending on the network requirements.

Single Firewall:

In this architecture the single firewall that used three network interfaces to create a network architecture that’s contain a DMZ. The internal network is made from the second network interface whereas the external network is made from ISP to the firewall from the first network interface and finally the DMZ is made from the third network interface. This was the cheapest option, the firewall with single point of failure for network and are responsible to handle all the traffic that is going to the DMZ as well as internal

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