DNA Evidence In Criminal Justice

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DNA evidence is vital in helping the search for truth in many criminal cases such as a murder case, rape case or up any serious case. The offenders of these cases often committed because they do not want people to see their crime event’s doing. Some case against life, the offenders are a highly skilled and cover their actions by destroying evidence. In rape case, the rape scene or event which not only affects the body and mind of a rape victim, but also affect the confidence of the society toward with law enforcement. However, the evolution of scientific and DNA technological advances play a role in helping the criminal justice system. Although no one is a witness at the crime scene, but drifting can help to fix the problem, not only the perpetrators,…show more content…
Introduction The study of law and the judgment in the criminal case, especially with respect to the DNA evidence in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia also other countries, the study guides in terms of the pros and cons of the DNA evidence in proving the criminal justice system. Consequently, the using the DNA evidence will benefit greatly with the Thai and Portuguese Criminal Justice. In the process before trial, the step of seeking, collecting DNA evidence and the act listening to the statements and weighting the DNA evidence has to be carried before a Thai court can make any considerations. This is true not only in the terms of laws but also in the usage of discretion when deciding which evidence should be employed. The current trend in Thailand, scientific evidence which surrounds an incident is the most important in terms of weight and credibility of DNA evidence. However, several murder cases have different issues, the issue of the facts and issue of the law which needs to be set up to the standard. Now the judge 's discretion has difficulty summarizing the rules. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way for the corrective practice. In order to compare the laws and duties of legal officers, this study will examine whether Portugal has the same problems as in Thailand. If not, what solution does Portugal use to tackle this…show more content…
Because of the growth of the population, world social have committed many crime offences as well. The law needs to control the social order and bring peace to human society. Commonly, science has helped to solve the legal problems in communities. As Simon A. Cole and Michael Lynch stated that “Forensics is the “silent witness,” it “never lies,” and it cannot misremember or be biased or bribed.” “Forensic science is often seen as an applied science used in criminal investigations and criminal trials.” Not only, a minor crime but also serious crimes, the DNA technology can help to identify criminal problems of the United States and the world such as transnational crime, terrorism , and illegal migration. In Thailand, the DNA technology has shown a major role in important events in the country. On25 December 2004, the tsunami occurred in Phuket and Phang Nga province, where is a favourite tourist attraction in Thailand.This tragedy led to loss of many people and foreign tourists who came to relax during Christmas holidays. At that time, DNA evidence led to the identification of missing people and dead people but at that time there was no DNA collecting record like DNA Database in
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