DNA In The Inheritance Of DNA

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The role of DNA in the inheritance of genetic traits
The Role of DNA in today's society is a something that people have become very common to discuss, yet a number of people don't know its importance in the inheritance of genetic. Mention it in a public area and you might strike a profound discussion as everyone has their own views on their understanding of such a process. The role of DNA is known as the fundamental characteristics that influence a system in this case in the inheritance of genetic traits. Inheritance is the assumption of passing down of traits or characteristic. Genetic traits are referred to as a phenotype an observable trait such as height, eye color, and blood type. The genetic contribution to a phenotype is a genotype
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- Where DNA can be found and the role does DNA play in heredity?-DNA is found in every cell within the nucleus (Eukaryotic cells) apart from blood cells. Chromosomes are made up of thin strands of (DNA). Each chromosome pair contains thousands of genes. The human genome is made up of about 3 billion chemical bases that are arranged in patterns similar to individual letters arranged into sentences. (Professor Stuart E. Ravnik Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center). More than 99 percent of these patterns are the same in all humans and are continually passed down from parent generations to progeny generations. The proteins encoded by the genes composed of the four nucleotide bases on a DNA strand continue through generations and form the foundation of heredity and…show more content…
In this case, the dominant allele will mask the other allele for a particular trait and recessive allele show when two copies of the recessive allele are inherited. To understand how all that has been mentioned comes together, let's think of the trait for blue eyes. DNA for a blue-eyed gene is copied as a blue-eyed RNA message. That message is then translated into the blue protein pigments found in the cells of the eye. For every trait we have eye color, there is a gene or group of genes that controls the trait by producing first the message and then the protein. Sperm cells and eggs cells are specialized to carry DNA in such a way that, at fertilization, a new individual with traits from both its mother and father is created. Studies have shown how inheritance works under two basic theories firstly, that each parent contributes and secondly, hereditary
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