DNA Profiling: Why Do People Use DNA Profiling?

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DNA profiling is a method of identification that is seen more and more often. Although the method of DNA profiling is a great method to use and has multiple upsides to using it; DNA profiling also has several disadvantages that come along with the method. With all of these negatives, people are opposing the use of DNA profiling in all fields that can use the method. One of the downsides to using the method of DNA profiling is that the method involves the invasion of a person’s privacy. Taking DNA from someone either willingly or forcefully, and investigating the person’s personal background, invades their privacy in a situation like a criminal investigation. A way that this happens is that if a person is a suspect in a crime,…show more content…
A DNA profile is made against the will of a person by taking their DNA for any reason and using the DNA to make the profile. For example if a person is trying to research their background they can have a DNA profile made. With this DNA profile already made, it can be used at any time by anyone who has access to the profile (DNA Fingerprinting). Also DNA profiling can be used against your will by and for the United States government. This means that at some point if the time comes, the government can order that DNA profiles be made for everyone. These profiles would be used as a type of census, but they would also have to be made with or without a person’s consent. The profiles would have to be made with DNA that has to be collected either forcefully or willingly(Pros and Cons). In conclusion DNA profiling although more popular than ever nowadays, still has multiple downsides that need to be worked on. From invading people’s privacy, to having profiles made and used against someone’s will. All of these problems can be changed in time with the correct technology, but right now these problems exist in today’s method of DNA profiling. These are also reasons why people don’t want to have DNA profiling used for any

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