10 Strategies To Enhance Student Memory

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DQ 1 Discuss 2 applications that a classroom teacher can implement to foster furthering the memory process for each memory storehouse. This is a critical thinking question based upon the specific criteria for each memory storehouse. Think about each storehouse and how it functions to develop the classroom applications. This is connected to factual points.... use facts with your applications here and cite them For my discussion question, I have chosen to research an article on different strategies teachers can use during teaching in class for students working memory. The name of the article I will be discussing is called 10 Strategies to Enhance Students Memory. Glenda Thorne discusses the working memory and 10 strategies to help students…show more content…
A good way to know you have fully grasped the concept of new information is to continuously practice what was taught. Teachers could emphasize to students how this could help them during class and later on in life.(readingrocket.org) Strategy 3 Teach students to use visual images and other memory strategies: A teacher could make use of using different cues like word substitution to help aid in students memory. The use of word substitution is used normally for information that is hard to remember. These type of word are words that are said and can easily be visualized when heard. (readingrocket.org) Strategy 4 Give teacher-prepared handouts prior to class lectures: Teacher prepared handouts give students the ability to refer to discussions taken place in class. The ability to review an outline of the subject and subject topics can help students in remembering the information from lectures or activities. Students can also put small notes next to outlines that were given from the teacher to enhance their memory about the…show more content…
To me, some of my teachers in the past have used this Strategy during class, this allowed us to begin thinking as soon as class started. Students would be able to use their memory and search through the proper storages for the information saved.(readingrocket.org) Strategy 10 Review material before going to sleep: Research shows information studied before sleeping is better remembered. Any other behaviors after learning information for remembering will interfere with the memory stores-house. I can personally relate to this strategy of working memory. Over the years I had to try and figure ways out to learn how to read information, comprehend what I’m reading and remember it. I have tried this strategy and have found it to be my most successful way to actually remember

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