DUI Argumentative Essay

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Have you ever wondered whether seeking legal counsel in a criminal DWI or DUI case in Minnesota is worth the time or money? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind:
* A DWI DUI attorney in Minnesota can help explain what is happening procedurally and help guide you through the necessary steps.
* A lawyer familiar with DWI and DUI in Minnesota can help explain the criminal charges and severe penalties. For instance, in Minnesota a Misdemeanor DWI can result in 90 days in jail and $1000 fine, a gross misdemeanor DWI DUI in Minnesota can result in 365 days in jail and a $3000 fine, and a felony DWI in Minnesota can result in up to 7 years in prison and a $14,000 fine. There are also collateral consequences from a DWI DUI criminal charge in Minnesota, such as driver 's license revocations, license reinstatement fees, court fees, increased insurance premiums, and potential restricted access to foreign countries based on your criminal record.
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Timely responses are required for both. In fact, if you fail to respond to the revocation of your driving privileges, the uncontested revocation can essentially act as a criminal DWI or DUI conviction for purposes of enhanceability in subsequent DUI or DWI cases.
* DWI and DUI charges in Minnesota are enhanceable, meaning that subsequent charges can become more sever depending upon the disposition of a past DWI or DUI case.
* A Minnesota DWI DUI lawyer can look at the evidence in your case and discuss potential defenses and evidentiary arguments. Remember, police are human and occasionally make mistakes.
* A lawyer can help alleviate the stress and worry surrounding a DWI DUI charge in Minnesota, which allows you to get your life back on

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