DYT: Protocol Procedure

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Protocol Procedures

A failure at any phase of the program resulted from a positive urine test or missed appointment. The DYT phases were as follows:

Start-up phase. Probationers met with their POs and received an explanation of the protocol. This included the DYT procedures, possible sanctions, and the ability to move to a lower level of probation. POs were then given 2 weeks to prepare a sobriety plan. A list of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, treatment providers, and other support mechanisms were provided, and probationers were informed of testing timing and protocol sanctions and incentives.

Phase 1 random weekly urine tests. A color procedure was used in which probationers called in daily to see whether their color had been chosen that day. Probationers were required to report to their probation office and provide a urine sample for testing. If they provided clean samples for 3 months, they would be placed on Level 2 probation, which required only monthly
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Topics covered in the intervention manual included a description of the study conditions, procedures for implementing the intervention, as well as a series of questions to be asked of each client during scheduled supervision meetings. The POs were instructed in the underlying theory (deterrence) and instructed in the process of making the offender aware of the urine schedule and sanctions. After project initiation, continued regular communication between the POs and research staff ensured that the intervention was delivered as designed. Furthermore, DYT officers completed “tracking forms” for all DYT clients that noted urine screens, scheduled visits, movement between DYT phases, and sanctions levied. These forms were continuously reviewed by the on-site evaluator to ensure daily program

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