Dabbawala Case Study

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Introduction: Dabbawalas is lunch delivery Services started by Mahadeo Havaji Bachche in 1890 in Bumbai. The Dabbawalas Comapny use to deliver the lunch to the worker in lunch containers which called in Bumbai “Dabbawalas”. People get impressed in this services as the food in picked from the workers home, always homemade foods prefect test are made by the wife’s, the food has special taste and always it is in good quality, it reach them every day hot with specific timing. Dabbawalas use bicycles and trains to deliver the lunch in morning late and get the containers empty back by after lunch for the next day deliver. Orders are taken by SMS daily so the staff of about of 5000 deliver approximately 200,000 tiffin boxes every day. ChakravartySubrata—…show more content…
It’s all about corporate strategy achievement and then identifies the operational performance objectives. The company should follow the procedures which will use to control if performance objectives are met. With this method the company can configures their success in their operating environment to achieve one or more of its five operational performance objectives: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility or…show more content…
Body: High dependability: The clients of the dabbawallas are highly dependent on the. Although this is important and contributes to the functioning of the dabbawallas, it can also be stressful. Knowing that there is absolutely no space for error could create a pretty hectic schedule. This could create a sense of dissatisfaction in the dabbawallas. High reliance on trains: The entire functioning of the service of dabbawallas is depended on trains. If due to any weather complications or accidents the trains are cancelled or delayed. The entire chain gets disrupted. This high dependability on trains for commute poses a threat to the dabbawalas. If they miss the train or if the trains are cancelled there is no other alternative transportation for them. Weather: The weather can sometimes be a nuisance too. The heavy monsoon rains in Mumbai can be very unpredictable and dangerous sometimes. Due to heavy rains the roads are flooded and trains are cancelled. Even if the trains aren’t cancelled, more often than not they are delayed and over crowed due to such delays. This affects the chain of supply of dabbawallas because their whole transportation system depends on

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