Dachau Concentration Camp Analysis

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Growing up in Concentration Camps The first quarter of the twentieth century was characterized by an unpleasant form of racism. Precisely, powerful nations like the Germans believed that the anti-socialist behavior was a hereditary trait that they needed to maintain to enhance their endeavors. When the German Nazis accented to power in 1933, they implemented authority discriminately by exploiting the weaker parties and neutralizing any potential threats. Through their popular ideology, preventive fighting of crimes, they self-bestowed the power of incarcerating any individual or groups that would be a potential threat to their rule. According to the video, Dachau Concentration Camp, the Nazi 's greatly persecuted the Romans in the twentieth…show more content…
According to the video, the German authorities had the power to incarcerate any individual who posed a threat to their governance . They had the right to exercise this authority on preventive detention grounds and protective measures. As such, one could be deported to any of the concentration camps in Roma regardless of their innocence as long as an apparent argument was presented against their intentions. Thousands of people were captured on accusations of being habitual criminals. These allegations were used to justify their arrest since the law implemented by the administration required one to pose a significant threat to the welfare of the German government before being arrested. There was no judicial system to review the reasons for arrest. Consequently, people lived in fear of their lives due to the uncertainties posed by the Nazi administration and the concentration camps. Therefore, the Nazi government, through the concentration camp 's administration yielded social unrest among the…show more content…
For instance, the German administrators implemented laws that castigated marriages between Jews and Arians. This measure was taken to prevent any mixture between the cultures and to show their superiority. Those who violated this law or were against it were arrested under preventive detention measures. Precisely, they posed a threat to the Nazi administration, and there was a need to eliminate their influence for the peace purposes. This initiative was rather selfish, and it greatly undermined peace within the region. As a result, there is no justification that the implementation of this law enhanced peaceful interaction between the Germans and the Romans. Rather, it promoted racial discrimination and undermined the possibility of peaceful existence between the parties mentioned
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