Dad: My Michigan Hero

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My Michigan Hero We know about our dad. He can be supportive, caring, and even scary, just to keep your grades up! My dad, Arthur Hill, is all of those things, but most of the time, he’s supportive. I find dad most inspirational in my family, and here 's why, dad was mostly like me and now he encourages me to do things, like plays! He told me that people are going to make fun of me, but I have the option to care or not. He even helps me with many things, like problems at school or just protecting me when something is going on. Yet, his childhood wasn 't all that great, as he struggled. Back then, before I was born and dad was a child, he was an introvert, and that was the biggest mistake of his life, as he did not go outside. Like I said, he was like me. …show more content…

Dad was wasting his life in the basement of his house. He didn’t make any friends, he didn’t want to be made fun of, he was overweight, and he did not participate in many things. It’s the reason it inspired me, he explained that I couldn 't just sit on the couch and playing video games forever, besides making friends. When dad grew up, he got out of his “bubble”, and did the bravest thing, he joined the Military. Dad joining the Army meant that he was no longer an introvert. He went through difficult training, and he was someone special, he wasn 't a spy or veterinarian though. Even though dad was a soldier,and was in the Army there for quite a while, he never actually fought in a war zone. Even so, he was able to injure his wrist during training, and a

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