Daddy Daughter Monologue

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Sitting on the sad-looking, beat up, old brown couch; I express my doubt of my dad actually showing up to take me to the daddy daughter dance, which makes me sad because this is the first dance that I will ever go to. My mom looks at me with the look I’ve seen so many times before, when she tries to hide her doubt and say that something good is going to happen, and she says, “ I think things maybe different this time honey, I think he will actually be here to take you to the daddy daughter dance.” “ I hope so, I’m really excited about the dance tonight,” I say. “ I know you are, how about I go and start getting the stuff together so you can get ready?” she says in a soft tone. “Carlie!” I hear my name being yelled from the bathroom. I dashed to the bathroom as fast as I could. I squeeze into the small bathroom, that seemed fitting for a family of mice. I sit on the toilet lid and turn towards the small moldy shower so that my mom can curl my hair. It seems as if I’m sitting in the bathroom for years, it took my mom forever to curl my long chocolate-brown hair. Finally, she curls the last piece of my long, healthy, luscious hair. I look in the mirror and squeal and twirl my hair, “ I LOVE IT!”. My mom looks at me and smiles, for the first time in forever she has a glow in her…show more content…
As I looked in the mirror I saw myself like never before, I saw myself as a beautiful princess not the average little girl. Feeling like a princess I walk out to my mom. I hear her gasp, and she says to me, “Carlie, you look so beautiful just like a princess.” This made me so happy, all I was thinking in my head at this point was, “ What will my dad think?”. Now I know it’s time to wait for my dad to arrive; but as I look around, the couch that had looked old, sad, and beat up, now looks like the most beautiful elegant thing there was. I go and sit down on this new transformed couch and wait for my dad to
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