Dade Massacre Research Paper

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Dade Massacre

Lindley Hill
Dr. Davis
AMH 2020
Final Paper
20 October 2015

The Dade massacre was a battle between the Seminole Indians and United States Army in December of 1835. Named after Francis L. Dade, who was one of the soldiers killed in battle. At the time, the American government was trying to force the Native Americans out of Florida. Most of the tribes ended up leaving, but not willingly. The Seminole tribe gave the American Army a run for their money. Not wanting to migrate west because of the Upper Creeks, the Seminole tribe fought and killed to keep their roots planted. Eventually coming to the battle of the second Seminole war. After the loss of many men, the war ended and many Native Americans were sent to reservations in the west. A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q u r s t u v q
Major Dade led seven officers and “110 men” on a march towards the Seminole Indians from Fort Brooke, which is present day Tampa. The small group of men were hearing to Fort King – modern day Ocala – on a mission to reinforce and resupply the area. Knowing the risk of ambush around every corner Major Dade and the rest of his men started out the trip very carefully. Dade had “more than a decade” worth of military experience under his belt at the time of the assignment, which is why he was chosen. Or maybe it
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Mistakes were made by both parties of the short lived battle. Most of which were completed by the United States army and government. For starters, the United States government had no right to eradicate the Native Americans from their tribes. Attempting to move these people was a bad call and should not have been made. All of the Native Americans that stood up against the government made the right call. Although the fight for their home ground cost many of these Native Americans their lives they did the right thing. A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w
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